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Support & Consultancy

No matter how complex your project, our in-depth knowledge of App-V & MSI Technologies means that we have the answers to help you. We help you keep your project on track by directly supporting your Sequencers & Packagers. We will be with you to diagnose problems and provide answers by remote diagnosis and onsite assistance. We also provide reduced Consultancy rates to our contracted Support customers.

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Application Sequencing & Packaging

Our forward thinking and innovative experts have experience in multi-platform packaging for Desktop, Virtual Desktop, Application Virtualization and have delivered thousands of applications across all market sectors. More commonly, Application Virtualization platforms are becoming the preferred method for packaging.

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Blog Articles

Hi all. I've made significant updates to our App-V Sequencing template, which includes recording network dependencies including drive mappings, databases...

I came across this problem when sequencing Orca on Windows 7 64bit for a client, but this issue applies for other OS's with UAC enabled. Orca is a very...

Microsoft have released their first App-V Package Accelerators. What is an App-V Package Accelerator? Essentially, an App-V Package Accelerator is like...

An AppV Sequenced application can be configured to launch only on an Operating System that the sequencer or packager determines during sequencing. After...

I've lost count of how often I've copied an OSD file to launch an application slightly differently. There are so many possibilities, but an example could...