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MSI Packaging Training

With our many years of experience packaging applications, Virtigo are able to offer Windows Installer training courses that deliver the key aspects of application packaging. We pride ourselves on the level of 'down to earth' technical content each course provides as well as the opportunity for plenty of real world 'hands on' experience. 

As a guide, our Windows Installer 3 day course offers the following:

    • Windows Installer background & history
    • The benefits of MSI
    • Popular industry packaging software
    • Good standard practice for MSI packaging
    • Creating MSI packages via repackaging methods
    • Editing MSI packages
    • Customising MSI packages
    • Using Transform files
    • MSI package validation
    • Troubleshooting MSI installations
    • Useful packaging tools

As well as 2 full days of instructor led training we also dedicate a day where the trainees spend all their time repackaging various applications that they choose. We provide a variety of industry standard applications (Java, Adobe Reader etc) to enable the trainees to gain valuable experience in packaging applications that they will come across after leaving the course. Trainees are also invited to bring along their own applications and have a go at packaging them (along with help from the instructor!) on the final day as well.